Age of Dragons | Podium Audio

Legends Online

Age of Dragons

Book 9

Performed by: Adam Gold

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 9 min

The warriors of Valka return.
The Dread Pirate Corazon and whale tour business partner Urtan sail into an infection that affects not just wildlife, but the very world of Valka itself. With no other recourse, an S.O.S. is sent to the only people who can help.
Join Illume, Nari, and Ingrid as they return to the realm they thought they had left behind for good. While easing back into the world, the team discovers a new, infectious threat attempting to spread across the server. Tracking the virus across the sea, Illume ventures to the land of Beta Testing to investigate further.
You are invited to re-upload yourself to a world you thought you knew. Join in the hunt for a new threat, unlike anything Illume or Valka have ever seen before!



Adam Gold