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Ascension Series

Ascension Series: Volume II

Book 6

By: Ken Lozito

Performed by: Jeff Hays

Released: January 05, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 22 hr, 6 min

Contains books four, five, and six of the action-packed space opera Ascension series.
Join the crew of the Athena, Earth’s most advanced spaceship, as the ultimate journey continues. The crew will risk everything to unravel the mystery of an ancient alien race whose wars nearly destroyed the galaxy. On Earth, people must accept that the world as they knew it is gone.
The Xiiginns are coming to pull Earth into the crosshairs of an interstellar war. Kaylan will risk the Alliance to uncover the secrets of the Boxan home world and mount a daring rescue mission for those left behind, and the Athena and her crew will struggle to keep the Star Alliance from splintering apart by offering them something unthinkable.
A journey that began when the brave crew of the Athena left Earth to investigate an alien structure discovered in the furthest reaches of the solar system will come to a spectacular end.



Ken Lozito



Jeff Hays