Asgard's Fall | Podium Audio

Digital Rebirth Chronicles

Asgard’s Fall

Book 1

By: Robert Hinshaw

Performed by: Pavi Proczko

Realeased: April 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 33 hr, 26 min

Noah didn’t expect much from entering the virtual reality world of Asgard’s Fall.

Even the danger of the experimental full immersion technology didn’t put him off. It beat living in a nursing home, and it was supposed to let him feel young again…at least until modern medicine and his body gave out.

But there was something wrong with Asgard’s Fall. Most of the time, the “gods” running the game didn’t act like AIs were supposed to. Some of the players took things too seriously, like they knew something about the game that Noah didn’t. Forced to rely on skills he abandoned a lifetime ago and new digital abilities that resemble ancient magics more than modern code, Noah has to unravel the mysteries behind Asgard’s Fall. And in doing so, discover an ancient threat that has forced a world long hidden from mankind into the light.



Robert Hinshaw

Robert Hinshaw is an author who also publishes in professional circles under a different name. Robert was born in the United States but grew up in the rainy wilds of Canada, until returning for college and deciding that the warmer weather south of the border was too good to pass up. Asgard's Fall is Robert's first novel, intended as the start of a trilogy and perhaps a longer series.



Pavi Proczko

Pavi Proczko is an Actor, Composer, Writer, Singer, and Audiobook narrator. After 10+ years of performance experience in Chicago theater (Chicago Shakespeare Theater) and TV (Chicago Fire, NBC), he started narrating audiobooks independently. In the years since 2016, he has narrated more than 60 titles in the LitRPG, Cultivation Fantasy, and Erotic and Romantic Fiction genres. Notable series: Dao of Magic, Edens Gate, Continue Online, Sky Realms Online, Shyft 2.0, The Frost Arcana, Boystown, Immortal Swordslinger. Notable publishers: Podium Audio, Harlequin Audio (Harper Collins), Aethon Publishing, Muonic Press, Shadow Alley Press