Beast and the Imp | Podium Audio

The Shadow Imp Series

Beast and the Imp

Book 2

By: Stephanie Hudson

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 49 min

It had to be said that I didn’t much care for the Devil.
Especially when he tried to use me to control the Beast.
But this was his mistake. As such, I had been granted early release, and as for the Beast… he was not happy.
So now Hell had a problem. A big one. One named Abaddon who was currently tearing Hell apart trying to find me.
Which meant I now had a choice to make. Let the Beast destroy all the realms or find myself a date.
Because now the fate of the world rested upon my shoulders. They relied on me to find the one mortal vessel strong enough to contain the Beast by merging their souls as one.
There was just one problem with this. I had made a Beast fall in love with me. And now…
Now, I just hoped I had the same luck with Adam… the man I just fell madly in love with.



Stephanie Hudson