Beast in the Night | Podium Audio

Beast in the Night

Book 2

By: Michael Katz Krefeld

Performed by: Zara Ramm

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 25 min

The hunter becomes the hunted when police inspector Mars investigates a series of brutal murders connected to a secret society fueled by a hatred of women.
When Denmark is rocked by a wave of bestial killings that strikes fear in the hearts of women across the country, police inspector Cecilie Mars traces the clues back to an unsolved rape case and a shadowy circle of men driven by a misogynistic fury that knows no limits.
Mixing detective work with a quest for retribution, Mars quickly determines the law alone is not enough to stop the perpetrators. But her brash and uncompromising style creates new enemies—both within police leadership and near her home in Copenhagen’s Nordvest area, where a gang war is raging. Things take an even darker turn when Mars herself is accused of murder. With time running out, she must summon every ounce of her courage to confront the anger that threatens to consume her, blurring the line between predator and prey.
Beast in the Night is another propulsive thriller from the international-bestselling author of the Detective Ravn series and Scandinavian King of Crime, Michael Katz Krefeld.
Praise for Beast in the Night
“Krefeld has never been better.” —Politiken
“Krefeld writes cold-bloodedly.” —Fyens Stiftstidende
“Cecilie Mars is back at top speed!” —
“Sparks and roars.” —Berlingske
“Powerful.” —Weekendavisen



Michael Katz Krefeld



Zara Ramm