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Bob and Nikki

Bob and Nikki: Publisher’s Pack 3

Books 6-7

By: Jerry Boyd

Performed by: Chris Ciulla

Released: September 15, 2020

Language: English

Format: Publisher's Pack

Duration: 18 hr, 20 min

Contains books six and seven of the Bob and Nikki series!

Lost in Transit, book six

Can Bob handle his biggest challenge yet: a couple days off? Will John ever find true love? What’s aboard the colony ship Bob and Nikki found? The answers to these and other burning questions will be revealed….

Captain Caveman, book seven

Bob and the crew are off to deliver a shipload of lost property to its rightful owners. What dangers, seen and unseen, will they find at this lost colony? Will there be new crew members, waiting to be found? Find out in Bob and Nikki’s next adventure.