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Chris Ciulla

LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Sci-fi, Space Opera, Detective, International Mystery, Mystery & Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Military, Contemporary, Time Travel

TITLES FROM the Performer

Dungeon Man Sam and the Orphaned Core

Dungeon Man Sam, Book 1


Bob and Nikki, Book 21

Once Is Never Enough

James Flynn, Book 2

Home Again

Bob and Nikki, Book 20

The World Over

Mech Command, Book 3

The Tribulations of Ned Summers

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 9

The Invasion Trilogy

The Invasion Series, Book 3

The Cryonite Caper

A Cauldron of Stars

Take Me Home

Bob and Nikki, Book 17


Animus, Book 9

Middle Falls Time Travel Omnibus 3

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 9

Metal Fury: Publisher’s Pack

Metal Fury, Book 2

Metal Fury: Publisher’s Pack 2

Metal Fury, Book 4

Mech Command

Mech Command, Book 2

Lethal Cargo

A Cauldron of Stars, Book 1