Centyr Dominance | Podium Audio

Champions of the Dawning Dragons

Centyr Dominance

Book 2

By: Michael G. Manning

Performed by: Derek Perkins

Released: October 25, 2016

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 2 min

Moira Illeniel was the name she lived by, but her true heritage was more complicated than that.
From birth she was the secretly adopted daughter of the most powerful wizard in the world, but few knew that her true birthright came from the Centyr lineage. Traveling to Dunbar to discover the fate of her vanished father, Moira must face the darker aspects of her power. Forced to fight a foe unlike anything seen before in Lothion, she will learn the reason for the warnings her mother’s shade gave her – why certain abilities should never be used and some lines never crossed – for some doors, once opened, might never be closed again.



Michael G. Manning

Michael Manning, a retired pharmacist, has been a fantasy and science-fiction reader for most of his life. He has dabbled in software design, fantasy art, and is an avid tree climber. He lives in Texas, with his stubborn wife, two kids, and a menagerie of fantastic creatures, including a moose-poodle, a vicious yorkie, and a giant prehistoric turtle.



Derek Perkins