Constant Sorrow | Podium Audio

Backyard Starship

Constant Sorrow

Book 15

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer

Released: April 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 18 min

Humans have been in the stars far longer than Van originally thought—and they’ve been busy.
Not every visitor to or from Earth has good intentions, and the Peacemakers are faced with an uncomfortable reality. The Earth is about to meet aliens. Some of the aliens are bringing goods to trade. And among those items are weapons.
When a secret cabal of humans who want to exploit the Earth is revealed, Van has to decide how and where to fight this threat. Along the way, he reveals a secret history that began in the Great War—and ends with mass chaos on his home planet.
Van won’t let that happen—at least not without a fight, and to hold back the gears of war, he’s going to need a lot of help. With Torina at his side, the crew faces a decision that will change the future of the stars themselves and challenge the Guild, the Earth, and the Equal Grasp as the universe gets smaller with each contact between humans and aliens.
How can Van manage the clash, save Earth, and deliver peace?
If he can, what will it cost him?



Jeffrey Kafer