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Jeffrey Kafer

Military, SciFi, Space Opera, Contemporary, Post Apocalyptic, Dark, Romance, SciFi & Fantasy, Horror, Hard SciFi

Jeffrey Kafer is a full-time SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator and consultant. He has narrated over 700 books in almost every genre for such authors Clive Barker, Steve Alten, Maya Banks, Gregg Olsen and many others. He has 2 degrees in cinema and broadcasting and spent the first part of his career as a video game tester for Microsoft before following his true passion of acting. He’s been on stage since he was 13 (his mom still has the bellhop costume she made) and currently lives in Los Angeles with his family and dog. Learn more at


TITLES FROM the Performer

Anvil Dark

Backyard Starship, Book 3

Space Academy Dropouts

Space Academy, Book 1

Infinite Crown

Beyond the Eyes of Mars

Mage-Officer of Mars, Book 3

The Prince’s War

The Empire’s Corps, Book 19

Backyard Starship

Backyard Starship, Book 1

Cast Adrift

Cast Adrift, Book 1

Red Bounty

Backyard Starship, Book 2

Dark Origins

The Messenger, Book 14


Mage-Officer of Mars, Book 2

Farthest Shore

The Messenger, Book 13

Lost Heritage

Exodus Ark, Book 3

Furious Gulf

The Messenger, Book 12

Dark Knight Station: Origins

Dark’s Savior

Dark World Mates, Book 2

A Darker Magic

Mage-Officer of Mars, Book 1

The Black Gate

The Messenger, Book 11

Cosmic Ride

The Messenger, Book 10

The Halls of Montezuma

Empire’s Corps, Book 18

Radical Dreamer

The Messenger, Book 9

Exodus Ark: Volume 1

Exodus Ark, Books 1-2

Heaven’s Door

The Messenger, Book 8

The Service of Mars

UnArcana Rebellions, Book 4


Crucible series, Book 5

Rage of Night

The Messenger, Book 7

Cyborg Corps: Publisher’s Pack

Cyborg Corps, Books 1-2

Knife Edge

Empire’s Corps, Book 17

Worlds Apart

The Messenger, Book 6

Dawn of Empire

The Messenger, Book 5

Favor the Bold

Empire’s Corps, Book 16

The Silent Fleet

The Messenger, Book 4

Mountain of Mars

UnArcana Rebellions, Book 3

First Strike

Their Last Full Measure

A Learning Experience, Book 6

Yesterday’s Gone: Season 3

Yesterday’s Gone, Book 13

Wolf’s Bane

Empire’s Corps, Book 14

When The Bough Breaks

Empire’s Corps, Book 3


Crucible series, Book 2

UnArcana Stars

UnArcana Rebellions, Book 1

To The Shores

Empire’s Corps, Book 6

To Fire Called

Seeker’s Tale, Book 2

They Shall Not Pass

Empire’s Corps, Book 12

The Thin Blue Line

Empire’s Corps, Book 9

The System States Rebellion Omnibus

System States Rebellion, Books 1-2

The Outcast

Empire’s Corps, Book 5

The Messenger

The Messenger, Book 1

The Long Road Home

A Learning Experience, Book 4

The Long-Range War

A Learning Experience, Book 5

The Legion Awakes

The Sleeping Legion, Book 1

The Knife’s Edge

War Eternal, Book 3

The Empire Corps

Empire’s Corps, Book 1

The End of Liberty

War Eternal, Book 2

The Edge of Infinity

War Eternal, Book 7

The Dark Between

The Messenger, Book 2

The Complete Exodus Trilogy

Exodus Trilogy, Books 1-3

The Beam Season Two

The Beam, Book 2

The Beam Season One

The Beam, Book 1

TFS Ingenuity

Terran Fleet Command, Book 1

TFS Navajo

Terran Fleet Command, Book 3

TFS Theseus

Terran Fleet Command, Book 2

TFS Guardian

Terran Fleet Command, Book 5

TFS Fugitive

Terran Fleet Command, Book 4

Sword of Mars

UnArcana Rebellions, Book 2

Starship Eternal

War Eternal, Book 1

Star Forged

The Messenger, Book 3

Semper Fi

Empire’s Corps, Book 4

Rumors of Salvation

System States Rebellion, Book 3

Retreat Hell

Empire’s Corps, Book 8

Reality Check

Empire’s Corps, Book 7

Quarter Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 1

Point of Origin

War Eternal, Book 4

Owner’s Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 6

Operation Breakout

The Sleeping Legion, Book 3

No Worse Enemy

Empire’s Corps, Book 2

Never Surrender

Empire’s Corps, Book 10

Lucky’s Marines

Lucky’s Marines, Books 1-3

Lucky’s Marines II

Lucky’s Marines, Books 4-6

Insurgency: Spartika

The Sleeping Legion, Book 4

In Ashes Born

Seeker’s Tale, Book 1

Half Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 2

Full Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 3

Fortress Beta City

The Sleeping Legion, Book 2

Forever Until Tomorrow

War Eternal, Book 5

First to Fight

Empire’s Corps, Book 11


Crucible series, Book 1

Eternal Return

War Eternal, Book 6


Here Comes Earth, Book 1

Double Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 4


Here Comes Earth, Book 3


Forgotten Colony, Book 4


Here Comes Earth, Book 2


Forgotten Colony, Book 3


Forgotten Colony, Book 1


Forgotten Colony, Book 5


Forgotten Colony, Book 2

Cry Wolf

Empire’s Corps, Book 15

Culture Shock

Empire’s Corps, Book 13

Captain’s Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 5

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