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Jeffrey Kafer

Sci-fi, Space Opera, Contemporary, Military, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit

TITLES FROM the Performer

Fields of Fire

Backyard Starship, Book 9

Nemesis of Mars

Calamity Awakening

Galactic Guardians, Book 4

The Prince’s Alliance

The Empire’s Corps, Book 21

Blackest Ocean

Backyard Starship, Book 8

Space Academy Washouts

Space Academy, Book 3

Shadow of the Contender

Galactic Guardians, Book 3

Kingdom Come

Backyard Starship, Book 7

Starship Found

Galactic Guardians, Book 2

Distant Horizon

Backyard Starship, Book 6

Legend Rising

Galactic Guardians, Book 1

The Zealot

Immersion Online, Book 2

The System States Rebellion Omnibus

System States Rebellion, Book 2

The Thin Blue Line

The Empire’s Corps, Book 9

The Silent Fleet

The Messenger, Book 4

The Service of Mars

Starship’s Mage, Book 9