Echo | Podium Audio

New Earth


Book 3

Performed by: Marc Vietor

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 27 min

In the aftermath of The Swarm’s relentless assault, and the brief but bloody civil war, Anderson and the other survivors must find a way to secure their future in their new home.
With tensions running high, and the ever-present threat of the next moon phase, a plan is devised to take them to the source of the danger.
To Europe.
To ECHO site.
Their journey is fraught with danger, and along the way, they discover that nature has not been as dormant as first believed. Life outside the safety of their camp poses more of a risk than anyone could have imagined, threatening their survival and risking everything they have built so far.



Marc Vietor