Echoes From the Moon | Podium Audio

The Token

Echoes From the Moon

Book 1

By: Nathan Hystad

Performed by: Jay Snyder

Released: February 06, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 54 min

The last living astronaut to walk on the Moon has been murdered…
Silas visits his estranged grandfather’s lakehouse in the aftermath of the deadly home invasion. What he discovers hidden below the floorboards triggers a mystery buried since the final trip to the Moon over fifty years earlier.
Rory returns to her family home in Vermont to write her second novel, but fate has a different story in mind. Her reunion is shattered when she’s thrust into danger revolving around the same tokens.
Special Agent Waylen Brooks exposes a covert operation linked to the death of a retired astronaut. He soon finds out he’s not the only one searching for answers and willing to kill for the truth.
The unlikely trio find themselves defying the odds, with no one to trust but each other.
Can they find the tokens before someone else does?
Where do these artifacts lead?
And what secrets should remain hidden?
_Echoes From the Moon _is a tale of lineage and secrets by Nathan Hystad, the best-selling author of The Other PlaceBelow Us, and Lost Contact.



Nathan Hystad



Jay Snyder