Emergency Shift | Podium Audio

Full Moon Medic

Emergency Shift

Book 1

By: Daniel R. Potter

Performed by: Cindy Kay

Released: September 14, 2021

Language: English

Format: Includes Bonus Content

Duration: 10 hr, 15 min

Never promise a fey anything. With magic leaking back into our world, working the nightshift as a paramedic comes with danger. But I handle it. I’ve got a shotgun for the zombies and my lycanthropic rage hasn’t escaped my apartment. Life is normal-ish. All that changes when I’m called to help a dying fey knight and I make a promise.

There’s a little girl with big eyes and a heart-rending sniffle. I can’t say no. Of course she’s not human. She’s their key to opening the long-closed gates and feasting on humanity.

Now, an entire world I know nothing about is trying to kill me. And if I don’t protect her, the teeth around my heart will finish the job. If I learn fast and bargain the right parts of my soul, the girl and I might make it out alive. Otherwise the cruelest winter will freeze even the warmest hearts in the city.

Read my story now and ride along for a wild Emergency Shift.

Includes bonus story Twilight Run.



Daniel R. Potter



Cindy Kay