Fallen Worlds | Podium Audio

Fractured Space

Fallen Worlds

Book 3

By: J.G. Cressey

Performed by: Alex Wyndham

Released: June 21, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 12 min

Cal and the crew of the Star Splinter are back!

Stranded on a godforsaken mining outpost and left with no choice but to eke out a harsh living, Sergeant Carly Becker dreams of the day she might once again fight the good fight. But with rumors of the military’s annihilation, she questions whether any fight remains, let alone a good one. To find out, she must miracle her way into Chalice City, then onto a ship to carry her off world. But Chalice is a poisonous metropolis in more ways than one, and to survive its soaring towers, her fight may begin far earlier than expected.

Having unleashed chaos and escaped mostly intact, Cal and his crew have scattered the pirates’ ranks and sent their deranged queen into hiding. But as one enemy falls, another rises. Ready to bring their savage game to a close, the Insidions are again making themselves known.

An ominous discovery with the potential to bring insight to the nature of their foe brings Cal and the crew a hard choice: to boldly investigate before the trail fades or to practice caution and steer well clear. But with the Insidion threat building and the fate of humanity teetering ever closer to the edge of oblivion, Cal fears caution is no longer an option.

And besides, playing it safe has never been their style.



Alex Wyndham

Alex is an Oxford University and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate. He's narrated many audiobooks and popular series across the genres. He's also starred in Emmy-winning TV shows for HBO and the BBC and appeared in various films for directors such as Kenneth Branagh and David Blair. Alex has provided performances for various video games as well, such as Sony's?Horizon Zero Dawn and Microsoft's We Happy Few and also performed in numerous radio plays for BBC Radio 4 including the popular series Homefront and Tommies, lending his voice to everything from fertilizer instructions to Apple iPad commercials.



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