Godborn | Podium Audio

Gods of Bronze


Book 1

By: Dan Davis

Performed by: Alex Wyndham

Realeased: February 16, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 36 min

A savage demon clan. A godborn warrior. An oath to save his clan.

It is 3000 BC. A hundred clans have been destroyed and thousands of people are dead. The Wolf God commands an inexperienced young warrior to hunt down the bloodthirsty demon horde. With a handful of his faithful spear-brothers and a heartbroken young seeress at his side, his quest will take him on a perilous journey through devastated lands.

He may be the son of a god and a mortal woman, but he will need more than just his great strength to overcome the dark forces that stand in his way. To save his people he must throw aside his self-doubt and his fear and become what he was meant to be.

For he is godborn. And his undying glory will change the world.

Godborn is a thrilling historical fantasy series spanning the Third Millennium BC, a time when mighty gods and brutal demons still walked the earth. One immortal demigod must battle evil from the megaliths of Stonehenge and the labyrinths of the Minoans to the city states of Mesopotamia and the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and beyond. It is the Heracles myth as you have never heard it before.



Dan Davis

I write action-packed historical fantasy and science fiction. I want to immerse readers in another time and place and for my stories to be gripping adventures with complex heroes and twisted bad guys.



Alex Wyndham

Alex is an Oxford University and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate. He?s narrated many audiobooks and popular series across the genres.?He's also starred in Emmy-winning TV shows for HBO and the BBC and appeared in various films for directors such as Kenneth Branagh and David Blair. Alex has provided performances for various video games as well, such as Sony's?Horizon Zero Dawn?and Microsoft's?We Happy Few and also performed in numerous radio plays for BBC Radio 4 including the popular series?Homefront?and?Tommies, lending his voice to everything from fertiliser instructions to Apple iPad commercials.