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Expeditionary Force


Book 7.5

By: Craig Alanson

Performed by: Kate Mulgrew, Lisa Renee Pitts, Peter Berkrot, PJ Ochlan, R.C. Bray, Robert Picardo, Zachary Quinto

Released: June 18, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 05 hr, 56 min

A full-cast performance of a thrilling new episode in the New York Times bestselling Expeditionary Force series.

After the latest mission of the starship Flying Dutchman, Earth is safe not just for a year, but for hundreds of years. The ship’s weary crew wonders what they will do with their lives in peacetime, but the enemy has other plans, and there is danger on the HOMEFRONT.

Starring Zachary Quinto, R.C. Bray, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, and everyone’s favorite AI, Skippy the Magnificent, alongside a full cast. Includes plenty of pew-pew-pew, original sound composition, and maybe some singing by R.C. Bray.

Produced by Odd Origin Media and Dagaz Media
Story by Craig Alanson
Script by Craig Alanson and Jack Bowman
Talent Director William Dufris
Sound Director Fred Greenhalgh
Associate Producer Casey Turner
Dialogue edited by Jack Bowman
Sound design by Jamie Mahaffey ∕ The Mix Room
Music by Jereon Grommen

Full cast includes Zachary Quinto, R.C. Bray, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, Peter Berkrot, Kym Dakin, Bill Dufris, Corey Gagne, Nimo Gandhi, Emily Grotz, Dalton S. Kimball, Austin Ku, Daniel Logan, John Dalton Logan, PJ Ochlan, Lisa Renee Pitts, Christopher Price, Michael Rafkin, Lisa Stathoplos, Casey Turner, Jennywren Walker, Marjolaine Whittlesey, Ashanti Williams, Jonathan Woodward, and Collin Young.


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Craig Alanson

Craig Alanson used to create financial reports for a large IT services company. Writing fiction at nights and on weekends, he finally self-published three novels on Amazon. Within 6 months of his first ebook release, he was able to quit his day job and pursue a full-time writing career. The breakout success of Columbus Day (Expeditionary Force, Book 1) reached new heights when Podium Audio released it in audio format, narrated by Audie Award Winner R.C. Bray. The Columbus Day audiobook was a huge hit, and a finalist for an Audie Award as Audiobook of the Year. The ExForce series, as it is known to fans, has gone on to 9 books/audiobooks, many of which have hit the NYT best-seller list, with a 10th book releasing August 2020 and 14 books planned. Craig has also published a spin-off series, ExForce: Mavericks; an ExForce audio drama, Homefront; a fantasy trilogy, Ascendent; and a young adult space opera, Aces. Craig lives in Virginia with his wife, who loves him even though he perpetually refuses to clean the garage.


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PJ Ochlan

P.J. Ochlan is a multiple Audie Award-, multiple Earphones Award-, multiple Voice Arts Award-, and Odyssey Award-winning narrator of more than 400 audiobooks. His acting career spans over 30 years and has also included Broadway, the NY Shakespeare Festival, critically acclaimed feature films and television series regular roles. Founder of Dr. Dialect, P.J.?s a master of accents and distinctive characters. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and pack of rescue dogs.



R.C. Bray

From Outer Space to the Old West to a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape, R.C. Bray is an expert guide. He is also a narrator. Bray switches settings and characters as seamlessly as a maturated Humphead Wrasse switches sex and color. No matter the genre, whether it be a story about human kindness and barbarism; a combat veteran’s struggle to cope with life at home; or saving the world armed with only a juice box and a snarky beer can, Bray utilizes his extraordinary range and unique vocal differentiation for each character to confuse publishers into thinking his consistent inability to meet a deadline is not only a good thing, but their idea in the first place. With over one audiobooks narrated, R.C. is the recipient of many industry accolades including the coveted Audie Award for his narration of one of the bestselling audiobooks in history which is no longer available because… money. R.C.’s gorgeous wife, Hope, along with their three beautiful children, Joy, Bliss, and Valor, allow him to continue living with them provided the checks keep coming.



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