Inneshys | Podium Audio

A Game of Two Worlds


Book 2

By: Boyd Lee

Performed by: Austin Rising

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 22 min

Who is she, really?
When Alister uncovers a hidden dungeon, Matthew takes a chance to bury the hatchet with his enemy. Proposing a portal network to connect places in both worlds raises some eyebrows as it’s very difficult and expensive to do. Still, Dunnishire lost much of its settled areas in wars over the last century. With the power to cross the country, Matthew envisions not only a portal network but also a network of dreams—a school and an orphanage. Yet, dreams require funds, driving him to work to become stronger and wealthier.
This time, trouble finds Matthew, Neera, Alana, and Princess on Earth. Hoping to stay ahead of the wave of problems that follow them, they still run the dungeon to progress and grow their stats and levels… all the while enjoying a nice Duke’s Own hamburger from their favorite tavern.
Should the challenges be too tough, Matt encounters an unexpected twist while visiting a new barony. Confronted with a pivotal choice, he faces the possibility of disrupting the stability he’s starting to find or embarking on a path towards unimaginable wealth and opportunities. Embracing uncertainty, Matthew forges ahead on his journey in A Game of Two Worlds.
Inneshys is a progression fantasy with grownups who act like grownups. They drink, they swear, they make bad jokes, and they fall in love. What’s not in this book? Sex scenes. Graphic or otherwise. There are plenty of jokes and innuendo about it, however.



Boyd Lee

Boyd Lee is a Michigan author who loves to travel, go to conferences and spoil his family and murder-poodle when he's not killing a keyboard. Writing as Boyd Craven III, he has over 50 titles out in the Post-Apoc genre and has jumped into the genre he loves reading. GameLit/LitRPG!



Austin Rising