Kade | Podium Audio

The Fallen World


Book 14

By: Christopher Woods

Performed by: Christopher Ryan Grant

Released: May 02, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 26 min

The world has fallen, but life goes on…
Matthew Kade was a corporate assassin—one of the best agents Obsidian Corporation had. But then the bombs began falling, and the old world ended. Now he must navigate the new world he finds himself in: a world where the strongest survive, and the weaker do their bidding…or die.
Agents were imprinted with the skills they needed for their current mission, but when the world fell, the entire identity database got dumped into Kade’s head. With thousands of personalities running around in his noggin, one thing is sure: no matter whether Kade is battling Teledyne Specialists in the streets, Geno Freaks in the sewers, or Zone Warlords in their Scrapers, he’s got an imprint for that.
Enter the Fallen World as seen through the eyes of Kade as he completes five different missions, and then get a special look at the birth of the Kade imprint.
When bodies began falling from Scrapers, you know Kade is nearby.



Christopher Woods



Christopher Ryan Grant