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King of Ends

Book 2

By: Sam Ryder

Performed by: J.F. Harding

Released: November 12, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 44 min

Cutter and his trio are back in action and looking to add to their group!
Atticus and the Rising are hell-bent on destroying every last Ender still breathing. In short, it’s genocide. 
With Gehn’s vision weighing heavily on his mind, Cutter and the women set out for Paris, determined to find their army and start a real revolution, one with more than a chance in hell of success. All the odds are stacked against them. Do you think Cutter cares? 
Hell no. 
Twists abound in this action-packed EndWorld sequel. Continue the titillating adventure today! 
Warning: Contains a harem and mature content.



Sam Ryder



J.F. Harding

**J.F. Harding** has narrated nearly 250 titles, including work from Lauren Blakely, S.C. Stephens, and Kim Loraine. His smokey baritone is the cop, the cowboy, the biker, the guy next door...the list goes on. His work spans every sub-genre of romance and erotica, and he's one of the most popular narrators working today.