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J.F. Harding

Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, New Adult & College, Why Choose/Reverse Harem, Paranormal, sci-fi, Dark, Suspense

**J.F. Harding** has narrated nearly 250 titles, including work from Lauren Blakely, S.C. Stephens, and Kim Loraine. His smokey baritone is the cop, the cowboy, the biker, the guy next door...the list goes on. His work spans every sub-genre of romance and erotica, and he's one of the most popular narrators working today.


TITLES FROM the Performer

What Was Meant to Be


A Kingdom of Venom and Vows

Stars and Shadows, Book 3

A Kingdom of Blood and Betrayal

Stars and Shadows, Book 2


Loxley Prep, Book 4

A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows

Stars and Shadows, Book 1


Loxley Prep, Book 3


Loxley Prep, Book 2

Blame It on the Vodka

Blame It on the Alcohol, Book 3

Battle to Surrender

Heroes at Home, Book 3

The Spider Alien’s Bite

Urf Oomons, Book 3


Deliver, Book 5

Straight Battle

Heroes at Home, Book 1

Protector of Convenience

Rogue Protectors, Book 2