Last Contact | Podium Audio

Titan Chronicles

Last Contact

Book 3

By: Samuel Best

Performed by: Jonathan Davis

Released: August 09, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 4 min

The end begins.
A meteor makes landfall in South Africa, carrying a strange substance that alters plants, soil—and humans.
Yet something much more dangerous is on a collision course with Earth—something that will change the future forever.
In a Hail Mary attempt to save the planet from certain doom, the government sends a ship and its crew directly into the path of the oncoming threat. The crew’s daring plan might be the only way to save humanity.
Meanwhile, a research station in orbit around Venus could hold the key to survival. The scientists on board have been studying an alien creature that may be connected to Earth’s imminent demise—if only they could make contact…



Samuel Best

Born in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Samuel grew up a mile from the gates of Kennedy Space Center. His grandmother built space shuttles and his father designed scientific equipment that flew on them. Samuel recently spent three years traveling the world with his family and is now settled in southern California while he writes his next science fiction novel.



Jonathan Davis