Lone and Lifeless | Podium Audio

Worthless Boys

Lone and Lifeless

Book 3

By: Bailey Nicole

Released: August 08, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 45 min

Six months ago, my girlfriend convinced me to have a threesome with another guy. Had it been anyone other than Jasper Langdon, the night probably wouldn’t have ended with fists and blood. But it just had to be him. He’s made himself scarce since then, but now we have a class together. Jasper infuriates me, but I can’t be around him without remembering that night—the way he looked at me and how my mind went impossibly still for the first time.
I’m one step closer to getting out from underneath my father’s thumb for good. The tattoo apprenticeship I’ve worked so hard for is right in front of me, but everything is falling apart. One failed threesome inexplicably altered my friendship with Val, and now it’s driven me and my best friend, Damon, apart. With no one in my corner, my self-destructive streak is about to get a whole lot worse, and Antonio Cabrera is to blame.
_Lone and Lifeless _is book three in the Worthless Boys trilogy and is a NA hate-to-love M/M romance. It can be enjoyed as a standalone. Intended for mature listeners.



Bailey Nicole

Bailey is an LGBTQ+ romance writer who likes to write about the grittier side of love. She grew up in South Florida, which is why her books tend to take place there, but currently lives in Michigan with her fiancé. Most of her free time is spent chasing her two children around, binge watching anime, and aimlessly scrolling on her phone. ​ Although Bailey is a social recluse, she does love engaging with her readers through social media, so feel free to reach out to her.