Lusam 6 | Podium Audio

The Dragon Mage Wars

Lusam 6

Book 6

By: Dean Cadman

Performed by: Alex Wyndham

Released: November 19, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 51 min

The final book in the Lusam series!
Aamon continues to grow in strength while Lusam and his party attempt to forge new alliances with the dragons of Podrana. New Netherworld horrors are created and unleashed by Aamon while he makes his final preparations for escape.
Humanity’s only hope of finally sealing The Rift and preventing the world’s destruction now lies in Lusam’s ability to find a dragon willing to bond with him, so that he, too, can become a fully-fledged Guardian.
But they soon discover that the dragon’s homeland of Eindryl has changed a great deal since Arlo and Ryuu were last there. New, unforeseen hurdles stand in their way. But as one path seems lost to them, another might yet lead them to victory. Only time will tell.
But time is no longer on their side.



Dean Cadman

Dean Cadman was born in Bradford, England, and grew up in West Yorkshire. His love of all things fantasy based stems back to his childhood years, when he spent many hours playing fantasy based computer and board games with friends and family. This eventually led to him writing several text based adventure games where the worlds he created could be explored and enjoyed by others. Writing in one form or another has been an important part of his life for many years, and in 2014 he began writing Lusam, The Dragon-Mage Wars series of books



Alex Wyndham

"An Oxford University and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate Alex has narrated 150+ audiobooks across the genres, performed in numerous BBC radio plays and lent his voice to various video game franchises and animated features. He’s also starred in Emmy-winning TV shows for HBO and the BBC, critically acclaimed series for Showtime and ITV, and appeared in various films for directors such as Kenneth Branagh and David Blair. Notable credits include _Rome (HBO), Endeavour (ITV), Little Dorrit (BBC), Yellowjackets (Showtime), The Crimson Field (BBC), The Line of Beauty (BBC), As You Like It (HBO Films), The Sea Beast (Netflix), Horizon: Zero Dawn (Sony), Hitman (Square Enix) We Happy Few (Compulsion Games) and And Then There Were None, Tommies and Homefront (BBC Radio 4)._