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Mech Command

Mech Command

Book 2

By: George S. Mahaffey Jr.

Performed by: Chris Ciulla

Released: June 19, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 27 min

Contains books one and two of the Mech Command series.
New World Disorder, Book 1:
Once upon a time, the Earth had protectors. Seal Team 6…Delta Force…Paw Patrol. They’re all gone now, vaporized during an alien invasion that has only recently ended. What’s left behind is a small group of survivors led by a former scavenger named Danny Deus, who’ve been selected to compete for a spot as operators in the Mech Command, a global mechanized fighting force dedicated to defending the Earth, kicking the crap out of wannabe alien invaders, and looping back through time every now and again.
What most would consider a lifetime’s worth of work – battling extraterrestrial bad guys and saving the universe – Danny and the operators call a busy Tuesday.
World of Hurt, Book 2:
Danny came, he competed, and he conquered. Now a member of the Icarus Project’s elite mech operations team, Danny is tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire. 
Not only does he battle bands of rogue aliens and ginormous extraterrestrial fighting mechs in the desert and out on the ice, but he also uncovers evidence that forces him to question everything he thought he knew about the man who brought him into the shadowy Icarus Project, former billionaire technologist Jonas Xavier Vidmark.
Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Danny also finds himself snared in a love triangle, while discovering that another alien invasion is likely just around the corner.
Includes a special bonus note from the author.



George S. Mahaffey Jr.



Chris Ciulla