Nightlord: Penumbra | Podium Audio


Nightlord: Penumbra

Book 8

By: Garon Whited

Performed by: Sean Runnette

Released: October 10, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 44 hr, 6 min

Eric is a physicist, an angel vivisectionist, and an architect of the future. 
He’s also an accidental time traveler, stuck in the past and trying to re-create his own future.
Now he’s got to save the world for a better tomorrow, but not like everyone does, in general, every day. Oh, no. He has to make a better tomorrow that looks exactly the way he remembers it, or there may be no yesterday, no today, and no Eric!
There is a reason he hates time travel, and it has nothing to do with physics.
Nightlord: Penumbra is the eighth book in the Nightlord series.



Garon Whited

Garon Whited has written novels and various short stories and shows no signs of stopping. Having fought zombie dolphins, quasi-corporeal spirits, and brain-sucking mole rats, he is uniquely qualified to write fantastic fiction. His book series, “Nightlord,” is already six books long and nearly 200 hours in length! As for Garon, he's slightly off-center, maybe a bit unbalanced, but boy, is he ever fun!



Sean Runnette