Nightmare Factory | Podium Audio

Savage Earth

Nightmare Factory

By: JK Franks

Performed by: Jonathan Davis

Released: March 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 35 min

Sometimes bad choices are the only options you have.
In the not-too-distant future, a devastating global attack takes place, and planet Earth is on the brink of extinction.
Master Sergeant Joe Kovach has been through personal hell. As he struggles to adapt to his new enhancements, and as battles escalate, so does his determination to uncover the group who triggered this brutal extinction event that has left the planet overrun by mechanical and genetic horrors. His first stop: reconnect with his team of tier-1 Space Force rangers to find the Nightmare Factory—a secret underground research facility that may hold the keys to not just his future but mankind’s as well.
This impossible mission will have him hunting for answers that can rid the world of its mistakes forever—or doom it altogether. It’s time for him to take his place as the master warfighter the world needs. His days are numbered unless he can find a way to use his new skills to get out alive.
Outside of a few areas, Earth is quickly becoming inhospitable to human life. Survival becomes a matter of staying one step ahead of the nightmarish horde of biological and mechanical killing machines that are taking over the world. Kovach is a nearly unstoppable force, and possibly the only thing standing up against humanity’s possible extinction.



JK Franks

JK Franks is the popular author of numerous post-apocalyptic and techno-thriller novels. His worlds were formed growing up during the Space Age when he developed a rabid addiction to all things science and sci-fi. He writes fast-paced books with unexpected twists and flawed, often darkly funny characters. JK’s novels are packed with action, hard science, and intrigue. He now lives and writes in Georgia with his wife and two dogs.



Jonathan Davis