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Path of the Berserker

Path of the Berserker 2

Book 2

By: Rick Scott

Performed by: Wayne Mitchell

Released: June 25, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

A world destroyed. An axe to grind. And a path to infinite power. Welcome to my reality.
So it turns out overthrowing a 14,000-year-old cultivation empire is going to take longer than I expected, but I’ve made a great start.
I’ve broken through to the Core Realm of my hidden Berserker art, established a new Terran Sect, and even discovered a tribe of lost Terrans out in the wild.
There’s a whole lot more at stake and even more people to save, but that’s all the more reason to free the Earth from the empire’s control.
Not everyone is thrilled about my progression, however. From pissed-off sect leaders to the members of the ruling clan, everyone wants a piece of the young upstart rocking the boat. And that’s just fine with me.
It means I’ll need to grow even stronger to protect my people and achieve my goals. But forces greater than the empire are at play—dark forces from beyond the stars. And it’s going to be up to me to stop them.
Will I be strong enough? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care because when you follow the Path of the Berserker… backing down is no longer an option.
Path of the Berserker 2 is a progression fantasy novel that contains immortal cultivators, an oppressive intergalactic dynasty, rage-inducing imperial bureaucracy, magical spirit beasts, fantastical martial arts, and one pissed-off MC who’s sick of it all. Fans of Western-style cultivation fantasy, post-apocalypse, and Xianxia will enjoy.



Rick Scott



Wayne Mitchell

Wayne has been an actor all his life, was a founding member of the peer educating drama group _Teens Teaching Through Theater, _and competed on the Forensics (Speech) Team in high school and college at San Francisco State University. As an LA based (Meisner trained) actor of 20yrs, he's appeared in a dozen+ TV shows, loop grouped over a hundred episodes of TV & numerous movies, and in 2015 co-wrote/directed the independent feature film -available on Prime Video- called _SOLEDAD_. He brings versatility to any project, is comfortable with a variety of voices and accents, but most importantly he bring a knack for conveying the truth. Be that truth intergalactic in scope, or as intimate as Sunday brunch with a loved one.