Pure Jade | Podium Audio

Painting the Mists

Pure Jade

Book 4

By: Patrick G. Laplante

Performed by: Adam Verner

Released: April 28, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 9 min

He’d like to forget, but the pain runs deep….
After fighting off a group of bandits, Cha Ming helps a people rebuild. His heart is heavy with guilt, but he can’t stay long. To face an inevitable foe, Cha Ming must journey to Quicksilver City, where he’ll meet the man who once enslaved him. Will he find the courage to face him?
Meanwhile, Huxian, the two-tailed fox, is enjoying his new role as the ruler of a demon mountain. The perks are great, but the position comes with heavy responsibilities. When Cha Ming’s friend Wang Jun finds an immortal-jade mine on his doorstep, he has no choice but to defend it.
It’s Huxian’s pride against Wang Jun’s ambitions. Cha Ming must find middle ground. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose one of his friends. Forever.



Patrick G. Laplante

Patrick Georges Laplante was born in a small town in the Canadian prairies in 1987. He began publishing Painting the Mists online under the pseudonym RedMirage in January 2018. An engineer by trade, he graduated from the University of Alberta in 2009 and completed his master’s degree in 2011. While writing and engineering have little in common, he actively utilizes his experiences and attention to detail in fleshing out a vivid world and answering the “whys,” which are often left unanswered in Xianxia fiction. As an avid vegan, he aims to prompt internal reflection in his readers through various themes like non-violence, choice, and begging the question: Is personhood restricted to humanity? And what is proper conduct, morality, and love? His work is inspired by a combination of Western fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, Chinese web novels, and various Japanese, Korean, and Chinese comics and illustrated novels. Patrick's hobbies include: reading, board games, and taekwondo.



Adam Verner