Scorched Time | Podium Audio

Time Core

Scorched Time

Book 4

By: Jonathan Brooks

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: August 29, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 45 min

In the scorching heat of the Charwell Desert, Tempara must sift through the sands of time…
Fresh off her victory in the Verdant Forest, the Greater Temporal Fox-turned-Dungeon Core discovers that the next stop in her journey to free her family (and save the world) is the Charwell Desert, located south of the Kingdom. This barren region is a far cry from the lush forest she had just left, as there is nothing living amongst the endless sand dunes that sweep across the landscape.
After adapting to the strange new dungeons and the odd fire- and heat-based monsters that are found in the Desert, Tempara finds that—with help from the souls of a few former Defenders and her rescued family—she’s grown quite adept at defending her dungeon from whatever comes her way.
But like the mirage-like heat haze that perpetually lies over the scorching desert, a familiar—and dangerous—figure will emerge to challenge the time-looping Dungeon Core in their own powerful element.
This story contains Dungeon Core elements, including dungeon construction and defense, and LitRPG/GameLit mechanics such as character progression and stats. It does not contain harems, sexual content, or profanity.



Jonathan Brooks

Jonathan Brooks started writing back in 2017 after he read every single Dungeon Core book he could find, but he could never find the story he wanted to read! After writing and publishing that story just to see if he could do it, he has gone on to publish over 40 books in the Dungeon Core/LitRPG genre, with many more to come.



Tess Irondale