Shadow Guardian | Podium Audio

The O’Brien Tales

Shadow Guardian

Book 3

By: Stacey Reynolds

Performed by: Justine Eyre

Released: August 24, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 36 min

An Garda Síochána have patrolled the cobbled streets of their storied capital for nearly a century. Within the heart of their headquarters, a bloody secret is revealed.
The tortured, brutalized bodies of young women are being discovered in the shadowed corners of the city. The victims are all young, American, and the killer has left behind a chilling calling card that could have drastic political ramifications.
Detective Tadgh O’Brien has spent three years working his way into the Special Detectives Unit of the Dublin Garda. When he’s assigned to a task force to investigate a series of murders of young American women, he finds himself unlikely allies with a US FBI agent.
Special Agent Charlie Ryan is assigned to the International Human Rights Crime Unit of the FBI. She’s ecstatic to receive a career launching assignment to work alongside the Garda task force in Ireland. But she discovers that her job will involve more than murder investigations. Her Irish counterparts will use her as bait to lure a homicidal trio out of the shadows.
When Tadgh and Charlie become temporary colleagues, they find themselves both at odds and unmistakably drawn to one another. Charlie is an experienced, street-savvy law enforcement agent from a large American city. Coming from an abusive home life, she’s learned to depend solely on herself, hesitant to trust anyone with her heart. Though Tadgh has acclimated to life in the urban jungle of Dublin, at his core he is an island boy who grew up on the coastal shores of Western Ireland. His darkest fear is that he may be the only member of the O’Brien family to never find true love and happiness. When he meets the feisty, intelligent, no-frills Special Agent Ryan, his fears change. How will he protect her during these dark times? And at the end of this brutal case, how will he learn to live without her?
Includes bonus content Fio, an O’Brien Tales novella.



Stacey Reynolds

Stacey Reynolds began writing after a trip to Ireland, where she was bewitched by the coastal villages and islands of the Wild Atlantic Way. She and her husband live in North Carolina with the three youngest of their five children. Her husband is a retired Marine Corps Officer. Before her years as a military wife, she was a police officer.



Justine Eyre

Classically trained actress Justine Eyre is an Audie Award-winning narrator with over 700 titles to her name. She has lived in far-flung corners of the world, from Canada to the Philippines, Germany, France and England- her international upbringing and multi-cultural family allow her to come by her accents authentically. Justine has appeared in a number of TV series such as Mad Men and Las Vegas, including a memorable turn on two episodes of Two and Half Men.