The Beach Hut Murders | Podium Audio

By: Peter Boland

Performed by: Zara Ramm

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 59 min

It’s almost summer in Southbourne, and the ladies of the Charity Shop Detective Agency are ready for another season of sun, sea, and… murder.
Amongst the rows of charming, brightly painted cabins, an elderly man’s beach hut is set on fire in the middle of the night—while he sleeps inside.
By day, Fiona, Sue, and Daisy volunteer at the Dogs Need Nice Homes charity shop. By night, they investigate crimes. And they’re determined to get to the bottom of this murder.
Malcolm Crainey was an obsessive beach-comber who lovingly decorated his hut with the treasures he found by the sea. Who’d want to kill a harmless old man?
The ladies soon uncover a long list of suspects, from neighbors who hated Malcolm for refusing to swap huts to members of the snobby beach hut association who took umbrage with Malcom’s quirky cabin decorations.
Then, another hut is burnt down in the dead of night. Thankfully, there was no one inside this time. But the pressure is on—can Fiona, Sue, and Daisy find the culprit before the beach hut murderer strikes again?
Put the kettle on and discover an utterly charming cozy murder mystery set in a sleepy English seaside town. Fans of The Thursday Murder Club, Janice Hallett, Simon Brett, Ian Moore, and Sarah Yarwood-Lovett will adore this exciting new talent in cozy crime.



Peter Boland

After studying to be an architect, Pete realised he wasn't very good at it. He liked designing buildings he just couldn't make them stand up, which is a bit of a handicap in an industry that likes to keep things upright. So he switched to advertising, writing ads for everything from cruise lines to zombie video games. After becoming disillusioned with working in ad agencies, he switched to writing thriller novels (or was it because he just wanted to work at home in his pyjamas?). He soon realised there's no magic formula. You just have to put one word in front of the other (and keep doing that for about a year). It also helps if you can resist the lure of surfing, playing Nintendo Switch with his son, watching America's Next Top Model with his daughter and drinking beer in a garden chair.



Zara Ramm