The Clown | Podium Audio

Harrow Faire

The Clown

Book 3

By: Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Performed by: Hollie Jackson

Released: June 08, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 24 min

A friendly face and laughing heart…will be what tears her soul apart.

Finally accepting that there would be no leaving Harrow Faire, Cora sets out to try to find her new way of life as part of the family. With that comes her slow acceptance of her attraction toward and, even worse, her feelings for the Puppeteer. But just as things seemed to be falling into a pattern, they turn upside down – seemingly literally – as Harrow Faire enters “the Inversion”.

Cora’s troubles don’t end there; the mute Clown takes a keen interest in her, one that she doesn’t understand…until it’s too late. Mr. Harrow took her from her life to become the Contortionist. But it seems the Faire itself has other plans.



Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Kat has always been a storyteller. With ten years in script-writing for performances on both the stage and for tourism, she has always been writing in one form or another. When she isn’t penning down fiction, she works as Creative Director for a company that designs and builds large-scale interactive adventure games. There, she is the lead concept designer, handling everything from game and set design, to audio and lighting, to illustration and script writing.



Hollie Jackson