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The Earth Epsilon Wars

The Earth Epsilon Wars

Book 2

By: Terrance Mulloy

Performed by: Bronson Pinchot

Released: December 24, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 14 min

Aliens meets The Terminator meets 12 Monkeys in these explosive novels, which Amazon readers describe as “the definition of page-turning science-fiction.” Contains books 1 and 2 of the Earth Epsilon Wars series.
Arriving home after a harrowing tour of duty on a hostile alien world, USC Sergeant Matt Reeves has just learned the enemy – an insidious humanoid species known as the Wraith – may be preparing to attack Earth again. A widower with a nine-year-old daughter, Matt doesn’t need any reminding of what’s at stake. With much of Earth still in ruins, and its military forces stretched beyond capacity fighting an interstellar war, there is no way mankind could survive another invasion. Teetering on the brink of defeat, the United Space Command is desperate to find some form of leverage.
Enter The Emissary Program. 
Matt learns the USC have been secretly experimenting with time travel to alter the outcome of the war – and they want him to be their next guinea pig – sending him back to Washington DC, 48 years before the invasion. His mission: help a small team of scientists locate a brilliant virologist, whose work may hold the key to eradicating the Wraith from existence. 
Can Matt and his team successfully change the future and save mankind? Or will they learn the Wraith have already altered the past and won the war? 
If you enjoy gritty military sci-fi, high-stakes alien invasion stories, and smart time travel thrillers – all with flawed heroes and nonstop action – you’ll love The Earth Epsilon Wars series.



Terrance Mulloy

Terrance wrote screenplays professionally for over ten years until late 2018 when he decided to write and publish his very first novel, The Emissary. A fan of many genres, he mostly enjoys writing action-packed thrillers that contain a strong sci-fi edge. He currently resides in Australia with his wife and a Staffordshire terrier named Clifford, and when he's not fending off radioactive Kangaroos, he can usually be found lurking somewhere around his office, conjuring his next book.



Bronson Pinchot