The Eternal Flame | Podium Audio

Rings of War

The Eternal Flame

Book 2

By: Marc Mulero

Performed by: Greg Tremblay

Released: November 29, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 29 min

A lone orphan will change the course of history, if only he can conquer his demons.
Crow is about to be crowned the next wielder of Dumos–the dark ring– after his great and terrible mentor, Wudon, abandoned it. What does that mean for him? He will be sentenced to manage the devil and her entire battalion of wraiths for the rest of eternity.
“For the good of the Skrols…” everyone assures him. But he’s not interested. It’s only to save the one person he cares for, Windel, does he step in to begrudgingly accept his fate and the plans therein.
On his reluctant travels, Crow learns the Underspire has intent to declare war on the Osa Sphere, and that only he has the power to stop it. He has to sniff out the spy lurking in his former school, Kor Blustonian, whose goal is to uncover a forbidden magical practice and use it against them.
Will Crow summon his legendary Reach in time to stifle his enemies, or become enslaved by the devil herself?



Marc Mulero



Greg Tremblay

"New England native Greg Tremblay didn't know that his college years majoring in Theater and Computer Science would prepare him for the digital world of audiobook narrating, but serendipity strikes again! Multiple award-winning narrator of some 400 audiobooks in diverse genres, Greg splits his time between Portland (Maine) and Boston, telling stories wherever he goes."