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From memoir to the boudoir, Chloe Ryan’s warm and witty narration brings women’s narratives to life. Whether it’s the girl next door or the young suffragette, the supermom or supervillain, Chloe’s smart and saucy storytelling shines through. With her signature nuance and emotional depth, Chloe delights in exploring stories about the many types of love that connect us. Originally from the Midwest, Chloe has a degree in Theatre Arts (with a minor in Women’s Studies), is a classically trained singer, and speaks conversational Spanish. She’s a mom, she’s a teaching artist and educator, and she definitely curses too much in front of her kids.


TITLES FROM the Performer

Rogue State

Dante Jacoby Series, Book 5

The Marauder

Dante Jacoby Series, Book 4

The Truth

The Disturbance, Book 3

Dark Mirror

Dante Jacoby Series, Book 3

The Answer

The Disturbance, Book 2

The Disturbance

The Disturbance, Book 1

Double Life

Dante Jacoby Series, Book 2

The Eternal Flame

Rings of War, Book 2

The Darkest Dawn

Rings of War, Book 1

Sol Arbiter

Sol Arbiter, Book 1

Seize Another Day

Children of the Apocalypse, Book 4


Sol Arbiter, Book 5

Memetic Drift

Sol Arbiter, Book 4

Mars Nation: The Complete Trilogy

Mars Trilogy, Book 3

Last Another Day

Children of the Apocalypse, Book 1