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Greg Tremblay

Epic, Fantasy, YA, Cyberpunk, SciFi, Contemporary, Space Opera, Steampunk, Hard SciFi, Post Apocalyptic, Military

Award-wining narrator of diverse genres, adept with accent and character work, consummate geek.


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Darkest Dawn

Rings of War, Book 1


Sol Arbiter, Book 5

Memetic Drift

Sol Arbiter, Book 4

Digital Chimera

Sol Arbiter, Book 3

Mars Nation: The Complete Trilogy

Mars Trilogy, Books 1-3

Intrinsic Immortality

Sol Arbiter, Book 2

Sol Arbiter

Sol Arbiter, Book 1

Seize Another Day

Dangerous Days, Book 4

Last Another Day

Dangerous Days, Book 1

Errant Conflict

Errant Contact, Book 2

Errant Contact

Errant Contact, Book 1

Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days, Books 2-3