The First Tail | Podium Audio

The First Tail

Book 1

By: Taniko K Williams

Performed by: Rebecca Woods

Released: April 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 12 min

The year is 2375, and the world has been drained of most of its natural resources. In order to preserve their dying planet, the government puts The Digital Life Initiative into action.
Those deemed of low economic value are placed into a state of cryogenic sleep, their minds connected to a myriad of virtual worlds. They become digital citizens, living out their lives in virtual cities.
Kadia Greene wasn’t someone who had any interest in the virtual worlds, unlike her brother who spent his days wasting away in a VR capsule. Top of her class, and on the fast track to university, Kadia is horrified to find herself issued with a notice of digitalization. In an instant, her life begins to fall apart around her, but as she enters Kaledon, the newest and most realistic fantasy world on the market, Kadia finds her dreams and passion rekindled.
The First Tail is book one in the Nine Tails of Alchemy, a slice-of-life series set in a virtual world that follows the struggles and successes of a Kitsune protagonist.



Taniko K Williams

Taniko K. Williams is a full time indie author living in rural Australia. Her primary writing genres are game-lit, urban romance, sci-fi and epic fantasy.



Rebecca Woods

_Fascinated by psychology from a young age, Rebecca took her passion for exploring the human mind and turned toward the world of acting. Years of vocal coaching, varying degrees in everything from screenwriting to design to theatre arts, have instilled the tools to craft fully dimensional stories, as well as insight into the human condition that informs each choice she makes. Growing up a musician, she has an ear for dialects and a passion for bringing characters to life with emotional complexity. This has been demonstrated across her varied career on stage, on film, and in over 100 audiobooks in the last few years alone. _