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Rebecca Woods

Contemporary, New Adult & College, Romance, Epic, Fantasy, Harem, Suspense, Billionaire, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Dark, Why Choose/Reverse Harem, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Gamelit, Sword & Sorcery, Progression

_Fascinated by psychology from a young age, Rebecca took her passion for exploring the human mind and turned toward the world of acting. Years of vocal coaching, varying degrees in everything from screenwriting to design to theatre arts, have instilled the tools to craft fully dimensional stories, as well as insight into the human condition that informs each choice she makes. Growing up a musician, she has an ear for dialects and a passion for bringing characters to life with emotional complexity. This has been demonstrated across her varied career on stage, on film, and in over 100 audiobooks in the last few years alone. _


TITLES FROM the Performer

Pushing Patrick

The Gilroy Clan, Book 1

An Elven Pirate Lord Omnibus

An Elven Pirate Lord, Book 3

Law of Blood

Four Laws, Book 4

Heads You Lose

Beckett Pearce

Escape with a Billionaire, Book 3


War God for Hire, Book 5

Tales You Win

On Lavender Tides: Volume 1

Jekua, Book 2

Stolen Trophy

City of Ruin

Ruined Lands, Book 1


War God for Hire, Book 4

The Reincarnated Core Volume 1

Towers of Acalia, Book 1

The Reincarnated Core Volume 2

Towers of Acalia, Book 2

The Reincarnated Core Volume 3

Towers of Acalia, Book 3

The Reincarnated Core Volume 4

Towers of Acalia, Book 4

The Reincarnated Core Volume 5

Towers of Acalia, Book 5