The Invasion | Podium Audio

By: Terrance Mulloy

Performed by: Bronson Pinchot

Released: February 11, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 02 hr, 15 min

The moment our defense satellites began falling from the sky, we suspected this was an invasion.
Massive fleets of unknown origin had simultaneously appeared across the globe, attacking major cities and small towns. It was a violent display of full-spectrum global dominance – swift and clinical, rendering much of the world’s military forces into smoldering piles of ash before they even had a chance to respond. First contact was nothing less than a devastating surprise attack.
Humanity’s end had arrived with grim finality.
For Kentucky State Policeman Matt Reeves, today’s shift will not only be a gut-wrenching fight for survival, it will also be the catalyst that changes his life forever, sending him down a path of all-out interstellar war.
If you enjoy gritty military sci-fi, high-stakes alien invasion stories, and smart time travel thrillers – all with flawed heroes and nonstop action – you’ll love The Earth Epsilon wars series.



Terrance Mulloy

Terrance wrote screenplays professionally for over ten years until late 2018 when he decided to write and publish his very first novel, The Emissary. A fan of many genres, he mostly enjoys writing action-packed thrillers that contain a strong sci-fi edge. He currently resides in Australia with his wife and a Staffordshire terrier named Clifford, and when he's not fending off radioactive Kangaroos, he can usually be found lurking somewhere around his office, conjuring his next book.



Bronson Pinchot