The Protector's Vengeance | Podium Audio

The Tales of Caledonia

The Protector’s Vengeance

Book 3

By: Peter Wacht

Performed by: Matthew Lloyd Davies

Released: December 06, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 15 min

As the Ghoule Overlord schemes in the shadows, Aislinn races to build an army while Bryen strives to topple a dynasty.
Who will survive when the three ultimately meet?
Bryen realizes that freedom comes with a price. He joins forces with the powerful Magii Sirius and Rafia to master the Curse and devise a plan to free himself from the bonds of his servitude. But it involves risking the lives of his fellow gladiators who know that the odds are stacked against them.
In a palace full of enemies, Aislinn wins the trust of the Blademaster. But time is running out to free herself as the King’s betrothed and her father from the Dark Magic poisoning him. With little to stand in his way, Marden will claim the Southern Marches as his own, a fate that will doom the already suffering people of Caledonia.
With the unrest in Caledonia building, the Ghoule Overlord advances unhindered. He’s located the Seventh Stone and knows it’s only a matter of time before he can destroy the Weir.
Can Aislinn and Bryen stop the King and save the people who matter the most to them? Will their efforts be for naught as the Ghoule Overlord’s plot to destroy the Kingdom unfolds?



Peter Wacht



Matthew Lloyd Davies

Cornell was a young hippie, a new mod, a plastic punk, a new-romantic, a new-waver and now proudly calls himself newly middle aged. Considering life to always have been better in the 70’s and 80’s he finds his cell-phone too big and heavy and hates all tv series so much that he wants to smash his TV (much as a rock star in the 70’s would have) except TV’s don’t explode anymore when you do that...and they’re a whole lot more expensive to replace. Having smoked too much in his teens, drunk too much in his 20’s and 30’s and now with a newly found passion for fitness, his early life disregard for health combined with his later life fitness fad have given him the voice of a smooth, smouldering hunk and the body of a middle aged man who smoked and drank too much in his early life! Narrating audiobooks has shown Cornell that life in the modern world can be better than good and he has found a peace in telling stories. His daughter and life-partner (children of the 70’s don’t get ‘married’) are very patient and much cleverer than he is.