The Whispering Sword | Podium Audio

War Priest

The Whispering Sword

Book 2

By: Harmon Cooper

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: May 17, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 8 min

A destiny written, a legend reborn. Arik must become the War Priest.
The discovery that Arik’s sister has somehow survived changes everything. 
Before Arik can travel south, he’ll need to find the legendary Whispering Sword. With an entire continent to search and a difficult puzzle to solve, this is no easy task. Not only that, finding the sword will bring him in direct conflict with powerful new enemies.
He will be challenged. He will be put to the test.
Making matters worse is his teacher’s strange illness, which leaves Arik to fend for himself. A solution is possible through cultivating various aspects of chi, but these powers come with their own risks, and Arik might not be strong enough to use them together. In that case, he’ll have to improvise…
Does Arik have what it takes to become the legend?
Leap into an epic journey that merges Eastern cultivation and progression fantasy, where infinite possibilities can be realized if one can master their understanding of chi. From Harmon Cooper, author of the instant bestseller _Pilgrim, _comes a Japanese mythology-inspired story for fans of InuyashaDemon Slayer, and Ghost of Tsushima. What starts as a harrowing coming-of-age story morphs into a journey of growth through multiclassing and mastering various combat techniques as Arik rises from the ashes to seize his destiny.



Harmon Cooper

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Harmon Cooper eventually moved to Asia, where he spent five years in Japan, India, and Mongolia. He is the author of Death's Mantle, as well as a number of GameLit, Harem, and Cultivation titles.



Travis Baldree