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Apocalypse Earth Cultivator

Zanamus: An Alien Invasion LitRPG

Book 1

By: B B Orange-Block

Performed by: Nick Cracknell

Released: March 29, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 14 min

Girl or game? What would you choose? Lando’s romantic evening isn’t going to plan.
During it, he’s received exclusive access to a secret update of his favorite virtual reality game. The only problem? He has ten minutes to download it. So now he has to slip away from his hot date and install the new version directly to his neuralink before the offer expires. However, while he’s uploading, the aliens obliterate Earth, and when he wakes, the world has changed. There’s a cultivation system in his mind that’s like he’s online, but not, at the same time. Earth is a wreck, the sky’s turned green, and every animal is out to kill him. Worse, they’re all evolving exponentially and feeding off human survivors. But Lando has an unexpected advantage. The cultivation system implanted inside him hides a powerful AI, and that AI wants to fight back. All Lando has to do is gather a team, rebuild a secret, and go to war. The alien invasion is real. The apocalypse is real. Will Lando choose to fight? Damn right he will. Choose lifeā€¯choose the game! This apocalyptic story contains mature content, a cultivation system, monster fights, and rats, lots of rats. Zanamus is an alien invasion LitRPG GameLit novel that contains stats and system progression through core enhancement.



B B Orange-Block



Nick Cracknell

I hosted morning radio shows for over 25 years in NY, CT, RI, and Virginia, during which time I voiced comedy bits, interviewed celebrities, MC'd concerts, flew in a stunt plane, landed by helicopter on an aircraft carrier, and even joined a seance hoping to connect with Houdini! I brought my vocal skills to the equally exciting world of audiobook production in 2017, narrating such notable works as "Devolution" by John Casey (a book reviewed by the CIA!); "Conrad's Honor," by Alex Ryan; the 7 book "Linear Tactical Series" by Janie Crouch; the "Lunatic City" series by T. Allen Diaz; and many more. I possess a deep, rich baritone, ideally suited for the sarcastic detective, the clandestine spy, the romantic lover, the wandering cowboy, or the military commander.