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Justin Sloan

SciFi, Space Opera, Superhero, Detective, Mystery/Thriller, Post Apocalyptic, Contemporary, Military, Featured Time Travel

JUSTIN SLOAN wrote video games before becoming a full-time author, with credits on such games as TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS, WALKING DEAD, and GAME OF THRONES, along with Marvel and mobile games. Now you can find his military science fiction and space superheroes books on Amazon, KU, and Audible.com. He studied writing at Johns Hopkins and screenwriting at UCLA. Along with his time as a Signals Intelligence Marine, Justin has worked for the government, taught Muay Thai kickboxing and Marine Corps Martial Arts, and can play three songs on the bagpipes.


TITLES FROM the Author

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Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars, Books 1-3

Syndicate Wars, Part II

Syndicate Wars, Books 4-6

Shadow Worlds

Shadow Corps, Book 2

Shadow Corps

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Shadow Fleet

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Ascension Gate: Publisher’s Pack

Ascension Gate, Books 1-2