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Michelle Diener

International Mystery, Mystery & Thriller, Epic, Fantasy, Romance, Military, Sci-fi, Space Opera

Michelle Diener is the bestselling, award-winning author of historical, fantasy and science fiction romance novels. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds for her readers to escape into. She lives in Australia with her husband and children.


TITLES FROM the Author

Fate’s Arrow

The Rising Wave, Book 3

The Turncoat King

The Rising Wave, Book 1

The Threadbare Queen

The Rising Wave, Book 2

Dark Horse

Class 5 Series, Book 1

Dark Matters

Class 5 Series, Book 4

Dark Minds

Class 5 Series, Book 3

Dark Class

Class 5 Series, Book 5

Dark Deeds

Class 5 Series, Book 2