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Rob J. Hayes

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Dark Fantasy, Epic, Contemporary, Progression, Sword & Sorcery

Rob J. Hayes has been a student, a banker, a marine research assistant, a chef, and a keyboard monkey more times than he cares to count. But eventually his love of fantasy and reading drew him to the life of a writer. He’s the author of multiple award winning series including The First Earth Saga, The Mortal Techniques, and The War Eternal.


TITLES FROM the Author

Spire Climbers

Titan Hoppers, Book 2

Death’s Beating Heart

The War Eternal, Book 5

Titan Hoppers

Titan Hoppers, Book 1

The Lessons Never Learned

The War Eternal, Book 2

Sins of the Mother

The War Eternal, Book 4

From Cold Ashes Risen

The War Eternal, Book 3

Along the Razor’s Edge

The War Eternal, Book 1