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A Sacrifice of Blood and Stars


A Sacrifice of Blood and Stars

A Sacrifice of Blood and Stars, Book 1


Jennifer Brody

Jennifer Brody, also known as Vera Strange, is the award-winning author of the Disney Chills series, the Continuum Trilogy, and Stoker finalist Spectre Deep 6, which prompted Forbes to call her “a star in the graphic novel world.” She is the coauthor of All Is Found: A Frozen Anthology and Star Wars: Stories of Jedi and Sith, in which she penned the Darth Vader story. A graduate of Harvard University, Brody is also a film/TV producer and writer and a creative writing instructor. She began her career in Hollywood working for A-list directors and movie studios on many films, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Golden Compass. Brody lives and writes in Joshua Tree, California.