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Centauri Bliss


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Skyler Grant



David Benjamin Bliss

As a full-time audiobook narrator of over 50 audiobooks (so far), I have been fortunate enough to perform in many genres — fantasy, romance, sci-fi, nonfiction, and mystery/thriller — to bring life to characters ranging from a Southern android assistant to an early 20th century kid from Brooklyn who ran away from home. I never would have guessed that my previous life as a forensic science student might have prepared me for police-procedural thrillers and dense nonfiction but here we are! I couldn’t ignore my creative voice screaming at me to utilize the acting and vocal performance chops I had developed but put aside for far too long. Making the leap into audiobook narration was the missing catalyst to fulfilling my true artistic passion: performing engaging stories and breathing life into beautifully-written characters who yearn for a voice. With an enthusiasm for taking on multiple genres, unique vocal variation, and a youthful sound, I can’t wait to energize your next great story!