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Paradigm 2045

From the award-winning author of Sentinels of Creation comes a near-future science fiction series that promises to thrill fans of The Expanse, Bladerunner, and Ready Player One. Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children serves up an adventurous bounty of first contact, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence while providing a reverential nod to golden age masters such as Robert A. Heinlein and Larry Niven.



Trinity's Children

Paradigm 2045, Book 1

Humanity's Promise

Paradigm 2045, Book 2


Robert W. Ross

Robert is the author of two award-winning series: the near-future space opera, Paradigm 2045 and the contemporary fantasy, Sentinels of Creation.  Both have been lauded for their diverse, character-driven, storylines that feature a blend of banter and action designed to draw listeners into Robert’s fascinating worlds.  When not writing, he advocates for parents of children with special needs and enjoys spending time with his wife of over 25 years, their kids, Siberian husky, and at least eleven different Apple products.



Nick Podehl

By day, Nick Podehl gives voice to a multitude of characters that heretofore only existed on the page. By night he balances time as husband, dad, and amateur armchair general. His castle stands proudly in The Mitten State where he hopes for snow each and every day.