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The God Machine


The God Machine

The God Machine, Book 1

The God Machine 2

The God Machine, Book 2

The God Machine 3

The God Machine, Book 3



EmergencyComplaints grew up reading fantasy and tried his hand at writing his first novel on an old MS-DOS text editor program when he was seven years old. That story didn’t pan out; maximum character limits were a thing back then. Undeterred, he kept writing on other platforms, reading full-time, devouring JRPGs, and playing D&D, and he is now the author of the God Machine and Ascendant series. Check out his most recent work on Royal Road.



Sean William Doyle

Leslie is an award nominated audiobook narrator with over 240 titles. Working with major publishers along with indie authors, Leslie's creativity and flexibility bring life to emotive inner thoughts, characters from all walks of life, vivid imagery, and moving dialog. Spanning all genres, Leslie deftly explores the exquisite facets of what it is to be human. A mother of 6, living with her husband on a small animal sanctuary in rural Pennsylvania, she carries on a family tradition of artists and musicians. As a lifelong spiritual seeker, she's found a calling in authentically bringing energy to the written words that shape our world.