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The Omega Wars

The Revelations are over, and the war to end all wars has begun.

The plot by the Galactic Union’s Mercenary Guild against the Four Horsemen has culminated in an invasion of Earth. Faced with an overwhelming force, the Human mercs had no choice. They’ve fled, leaving Sansar Enkh to go to the Mercenary Guild headquarters on Capital Planet to stand trial for humanity.

On the run, Jim Cartwright and Nigel Shirazi have travelled to the Winged Hussars’ secret base of New Warsaw, in an effort to convince Alexis Cromwell to join the fight, while the other mercenaries who escaped the fall of Earth have gone to the perceived safe haven of Karma.

Alexis Cromwell is reluctant to commit to an unwinnable fight, though, and there is no safety to be found in Karma. When the Mercenary Guild Tribunal is revealed to be a sham, the Horsemen are forced to choose — is it better to hide and protect the Human race, or is it time to fight for what they believe in?

All is not as it seems, though, and the galaxy stands poised on the brink of a second Great Galactic War. Vastly outnumbered, the Four Horsemen had better come up with a stellar plan, or for them, it might well be a Fiery Sunset.



A Fiery Sunset

The Omega Wars, Book 1

The Midnight Sun

The Omega Wars, Book 2

Dark Moon Arisen

The Omega Wars, Book 3

Stand Or Fall

The Omega Wars, Book 4

Sinclair's Scorpions

The Omega Wars, Book 5

Dirty Deeds

The Omega Wars, Book 6

When the Axe Falls

The Omega Wars, Book 7

A Pale Dawn

The Omega Wars, Book 8

Do No Harm

The Omega Wars, Book 9


The Omega Wars, Book 10

Sons of the Lion

The Omega Wars, Book 11

Alabaster Noon

The Omega Wars, Book 12