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World of Karik

They lied, they lie, they will lie.
This world is built on deception.

Our hero entered the store that fateful evening and became involved in a life-or-death game arranged by a mysterious creature. He survived, but instead of being on Earth, he now appeared to be in a different world, with other people who had passed a similarly deadly test. Some made it through by using force, some by using their cunning … Everyone has their own story, but they all have one thing in common — there are no good people among them.

The world of Karik turned out to be akin to a game. In it, one can level up, grow stronger, even resurrect in case of failure. But if one makes a mistake of believing the wrong person, they will die for good. Will the magic that he needs to conceal, or maybe his patron, who seems incapable of telling the truth, help him? Who can say?



A Game of Villains

World of Karik, Book 1

The Way of Deception

World of Karik, Book 2